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Leave the heavy lifting of your flatbed freight to Mint Express. With our nationwide network, ability to invest in new equipment, and access to qualified third-party carriers – all backed by innovative solutions and the latest technology, you can have confidence that your flatbed freight will be delivered safely and on-time, even to the most challenging sites.



Whatever the scope of your business, Mint Express gives you unrivaled access to effective truckload solutions. As transportation experts with 10+ years of experience and thousands of ongoing customers, we know the best ways forward and can help you find innovative solutions to move you ahead of your competition.



Temperature-controlled freight demands attention to detail to ensure your products arrive on time and at the specified temperature. From origin to destination, Mint Express employs on-board technology to maintain the proper temperature and provide visibility throughout the route. Whatever your refrigerated load requires, Mint Express has the capacity and technology to move your freight throughout North America.



The Conestoga trailer features an innovative sliding tarp design that covers your precious cargo without damaging the items underneath. This protects the finish or moving parts on your goods and equipment by making it unnecessary to move them in and out of a dry van or container.

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